V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta (2005)

Directed by: James McTeigue

V for Vendetta is the gripping tale of an oppressive government and how one revolutionary invokes the power of the people to help change the world. After horrendous experiments gone wrong left one mangled man seemingly superhuman he chooses to exact vengeance on those who played a part and incite a revolution that will free the people from the oppression they are currently under.

I love this movie from beginning to end. The writing is fantastic and the word play is hard to follow but all makes sense when ever V speaks, you are captivated. The lighting is amazing from scenes with the Chancellor being shot from a lower angle and seeming giant and omniscient to the lower lackeys all having individual spot lights around them and then black. The fight scenes are elegant and brutal at the same time. Over all, excellent movie with a lot of technique that doesn’t over burden the film and renders it timeless. It’s already a cult classic in my mind.


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