Chicago (2002), directed by Rob Marshall


One of my favorite movies of all time is Chicago.  This is the story of two jazz babies and their discretions.  Velma Kelly, played by Catherine Zeta- Jones, is a vaudeville headliner, in an act with her sister.  When Velma finds her sister and her husband together in an affair she kills them both and proceeds to go in to the jazz club to perform solo.  The performance that particular evening is “All That Jazz”.    

Roxy Hart, played by Renee Zellwiger, is a lonely housewife who takes up with Fred Casely.  Fred leads Roxy to believe that he can help her fulfill her dreams of being on the stage.   After going out to the jazz club one evening, the performance that particular evening is Velmas  solo “All That Jazz”,  Fred grows tired of the game and reveals himself as a fraud.  Roxy becomes distraught and picks a fight with him.  When in the scuffle he pushes her down with force she grabs a pistol and ends his life.   

They find themselves, two media darlings, on Murderess row and sharing both a lawyer and the publics fascination with the female killers.  Billy Flynn, their lawyer, has the job of getting these two murderesses’ off of death row and back into the spotlight.  Billy is played by Richard Gere, who knew he could sing let alone tap dance so well?

Chicago is a musical film created from and based on the stage musical.  This movie is set in the 1920’s, the jazz age. Full of drop waist dresses and booze,  it is about two women in prison for the murder of their husbands and how they use their feminine ways  and their lawyer, Billy Flynn to clear their names and win their freedom.   The songs are lively, catchy, funny at times and one song in particular, Mr. cellophane is touching.  The dance numbers are amazing and the costumes are great


3 responses to “Chicago (2002), directed by Rob Marshall

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  2. I saw Chicago with my sister yesterday and we were hoping that he movie as going to be fun. We were fulfilled to the fullest. The movie Lavishly well done, energetic and fun to listen to, Chicago is easily on the top 10 best musicals ever. The music in the movie, the rhythm just utterly spellbinding, that’s how incredible Chicago is. The movie mostly benefits from it extremely talented cast. Catherine Zeta-Jones shines in Chicago and gives the performance of her lifetime. She well-deserved her Oscar. John C. Rielly, Renee Zellwegger and Queen Latifa deserved their Oscar Nominations.

    The cinematography, sound, art directions, and especially the costume design they were all expertly done. I resisting the urge to dance and tap my shoe. What an amazing production it took to create this film. Everyone deserved their Oscar Wins or nominations whomever took part in the production. 1920s Chicago comes alive in breathtaking detail. Everyone whom likes musicals or music should definitely have a listen and watch Chicago.

    Rob Marshell truly out did himself in this masterpiece.

  3. You’re absolutely right! Lavish sets and costumes make this a very entertaining movie. And who knew Richard Gere could dance and sing! Its one of my favorites.

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