Red (2010)

Red (2010)
Directed by: Robert Schwentke

The movie begins with a man named Frank Moses, going about what seems to be a typical day for him and then explores the interesting relationship he has formed with Sarah Ross, a pension office customer service agent, eventually making plans to visit her in person. One night a group of assailants attack his home in an attempt to assassinate him, after dispatching the intruders he flees to Kansas City to collect Sarah, knowing that these men are going to be after her as well, due to their relationship. He takes her to New Orleans so he can meet a former associate, Joe Matheson, so that they can discuss the people attempting to kill him. Joe is able to lead them to a list of people being killed off one by one, a list that includes Frank and another associate from his past, Marvin Boggs. After meeting with Marvin and having him look over the list they come to an interesting discovery but aren’t entirely clear on why orders are being placed to kill the people on the list. This begins a hunt for the information they seek, hoping that if they get this information they may find a way to stop the hit that has been placed on all of their heads.

This is a film I had intended to see ever since it came out but due to various reasons I was prevented from viewing it time after time. The cast is an incredibly star studded ensemble, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, just a phenomenal set of actors and actresses that all play their parts wonderfully. There’s plenty enough action for those seeking it, joyous comedic ventures played in throughout even the tensest situations, and even a nice romantic tale weaving through everything that really feels lovely. There are some clichés played up in all these aspects of the film but they’re not done in a manner that tries to present itself as entirely original and masterful, instead reveling in the overdone bits of the film while actually bringing a subtle level of originality to a somewhat played out concept. All in all the film is great fun and can definitely appeal to fans of a large variety of genres, from action junkies to people that just want a feel-good romance story.


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