The Heat (2013)

Director: Paul Feig

This film is about an arrogant FBI special agent named Sarah Ashburn who needs to work together with rebellious police officer Shannon Mullens to solve a case in Boston in order to be considered for a position as the replacement of her boss back in New York. The case is to track down and investigate a drug kingpin named Larkin. Together, Ashburn uses her effective by-the-book philiosophy and Mullens skilled violent style of police work and knowledge of the territory to solve the case. After the two clash and they are given up on, Ashburn and Mullens take things in their own hands and uncover the identity of Larkin and eventually solves the case.

This is an incredibly hilarious action comedy starring two great actresses: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and other well-known actors. I enjoyed how two completely different characters come together to work together to bring a bad guy down.


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