The Heat

The Heat (2013)

Directed by, Paul Feig

I watched this comedy while on a plane.  Starring Sandra Bullock, as FBI agent Sarah Ashburn and Melissa MaCarthy, as tough Boston cop Shannon Mullins.  I chose this because A. There were only 6 movies to choose from and B. because I really love to watch Melissa McCarthy in anything.  This movie is your typical police movie.  One is hard working, OCD, by the book and the other is a street smart, tough talking, heart of gold.  Both have something to prove.  Sarah needs to prove to herself and her superior that she is a great agent who deserves the promotion that is being offered up.  Shannon needs to prove to herself and her family that she has made something of herself and deserves their respect and love.    The two are working together to solve the biggest cases of both of their careers thus far.  They are most definitely the odd couple and need to learn to work with each other not against each other to get the job done. 

 I just really enjoyed watching the slap stick, physical comedy of Melissa McCarthy and the witty, straight man comedy of Sandra Bullock.  This movie does have a twist.  I did not expect the top of the drug lord pyramid to end up being who it was.  They really did a great job of keeping the plot moving forward and keeping it funny.  This particular director also directed my two favorite sit-com’s “The Office” and “Arrested Development” both  using the same combination of the physical comedian and the witty straight man.   He also is the director of the movie Bridesmaids also starring Melissa McCarthy.  I hope these two work together again soon.


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