About Time

About Time (2013) Director: Richard Curtis

1. About Time is the story of a twenty something hopeless romantic (Tim), whom has no luck with women, and then finds out that he can travel through time in the past to whatever moment of his life he is thinking of at the time. He uses his newfound ability mostly in the pursuit of sharing a wonderful life with Mary, the woman he falls in love with.

2. So, I am usually not a fan of romantic movies, so I wasn’t to excited walking into this film. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie was hilarious. This actor Domhnall Gleeson who played Tim had really good timing for comedy, and his delivery contained hillarious dry humor. Rachel Mcadams who played Mary gave a good perfrmance as well. The actor who stole the show however Bill Nighy, he was hilarious , and delivered the best written lines in the movie. The way that time travel is used is this movie was unique, Tim only needed to get in a dark place close his eyes and think of a moment of his life and he is transported there. Unfortunately if Tim travels to far back in time, all of the events that happen in his life between that time he travels  leading to the present , disappear. This leads to many hilarious scenes in this film. I really like the fact that I cared about what was happening and going to happen to every character in this movie, I don’t personally find that in a lot of these romantic comedys that I have seen recently.

3. I think the best way that About Time compares to Richard Curtis’s other films is that he has an ability in successfully creating an enjoyable romantic comedy. I wasn’t a big fan of Love Actually, also directed by Curtis, but Notting Hill was an another surprising enjoyable romantic comedy. Image


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