The Family (2013)

The Family (2013) Directed by: Luc Besson The film begins with a family eating a meal together when someone arrives at the door, when the father of the family goes to answer the door there is a sudden explosion and a man comes in to assassinate the family and collect proof that it was done. We then cut to a family apparently driving to their new home in a small town near Normandy; after they arrive they go about settling in fairly normally with the only exception being the father, who takes this time to bury a body that is inexplicably loaded into the back of the car. It’s soon revealed that they are a crime family that snitched on certain individuals and have been placed in witness protection because of a hit that’s been put on their heads. As they start to settle in to their new environment they each have some trouble shedding some nasty habits, habits like blowing up a local store because of a rather small slight. Despite this they are all able to adjust fairly simply, except for the father, who has difficulty controlling his temper when someone disrespects him in some way. Things are going fairly well until an unfortunate set of circumstances lead to a newspaper from their new town arriving in the lap of the man that wants them hunted down provides him with just the hint he needs to know they’re there. His henchmen immediately set off to deal with the family, eventually leading to quite the showdown between the group of lackeys and the sought after family.
This was quite the film in some ways, in others it fell a little flat, the performances were superb as you might expect with a cast like this and the overall idea of the film was decent. The rather dark humor that was dispersed throughout the film was nice to an extent, in some cases it didn’t work tremendously well but wasn’t truly awful. Honestly the biggest thing I had an issue with was the lack of subplots really being resolved within the film, particularly the daughter’s tale of falling in love, it just ended when the movie did. There was no payoff for that storyline, nor was there really one for the son’s decision to leave his family so they didn’t have to deal with any trouble he brought, though I can forgive that to an extent because it wasn’t so much a storyline as it was potential for one. All in all it was solid, nothing spectacular but the delightful performances alone are enough to warrant a viewing, if nothing else.


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