The Adventures of Tin Tin (2011) Director Steven Spielburg

Tin Tin a young reporter who lands himself in all sorts of adventures does it once again. After buying a model ship of the Unicorn he is approached by two men who want to buy it from him. After refusing both he returns home with the ship. After his dog Snowy chases after the cat crashing into the model and breaking the mast. a secret falls from the mass behind the desk. He goes to research why anyone would want the model so much. He learns of a secret and wants to reveal more. Once he returns home he finds his model has been stolen. He discovers who stole it only to be confused that there is another model.

When he returns home Snowy guides him to the tube which fell behind the desk where he discovers a map. He places it in his wallet only to be a victim of a pick pocket. Shortly after Tin Tin himself is captured in hopes that he has the map. He discovers while on the ship that the man who was a direct decedent of the Captain of the Unicorn was also being held prisoner. After some fighting the two wind up on a dingy heading to Africa. They are attacked by a small plane when Tin TIn shoots them down. After sobering up the man recalls the tale of Havoc and why this other man is after him. He gets the story out of him while at an outpost and agree to retrieve the third model together.

After a disaster at the Sultans palace Saccharin obtains all three pieces of treasure map. A wild ride ensues through the ship where Tin TIn and the Captain retrieve and lose and retrieve the pieces once again. Only to lose them all at the end. Where Tin Tin gets frustrated and is ready to give up. Only to have the Captain give him a pep talk.

When Saccharin returns to London Tin Tin has another mystery on his hands. He learns that Saccharin is not only after the treasure but also the Captain the direct descendent of Havoc. There is a crane fight after which the two of them meet face to face. Where they continue an ages old family duel. After Tin Tin captures the scrolls once more and Saccharin is arrested Tin Tin and the Captain search for the treasure once more. The return to the estate where they find another treasure map and gold to pay for the continued upkeep upon the estate.

This was a wonderful movie. I enjoyed watching it with my youngest daughter. It was the recommendation made after we watched Hugo this week. I think the computer animation was wonderfully done. Overall I would recommend watching it with the adventurer in your family.


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