The Naked Kitchen (2009)

Director: Hong Ji Young

The plot of the story is about a married couple who have been best friends since childhood. It’s the day of their wedding anniversary, the husband, Sang-In, quits his high end job to pursue his dream of running a fancy restaurant. In the meantime, the wife, Mo-Rae, goes out shopping for an anniversary gift leading to her sneaking into a closed art gallery. There, she encounters another illicit visitor. They both end up hiding when the owner of the gallery show up. While hiding together, Mo-Rae and the stranger has a sexual encounter. Mo-Rae then confesses the incident to her husband who wishes for her to never bring it up again. Over dinner, Sang-In tells Mo-Rae that he’s expecting a french-korean mentor named Park Du-re, to be staying with them to help plan out the menu for Sang-In’s restaurant. Later that evening, Park arrives and turns out to be the stranger Mo-rae had the sexual encounter with! Whenever Mo-rae tries to tell her husband, he stops her and refuses to let her bring up the incident. Completely unaware of their incident together, Sang-In encourages Mo-rae to get along with Park. Tension rises when Mo-rae and Park begin to have undeniable feelings for each other behind Sang-In’s back. In the end, Sang-In finds out.

This is a foreign romance film from Korea. I enjoyed this movie very much! I found myself wanting Mo-rae to end up with Park but feeling sorry for her long time best friend and husband. The movie scenes were very whimsical.


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