Turbo (2013)

I chose to watch the movie “Turbo” outside of school this week. In fact it is a cartoon. The story is about a snail that had a big dream. He wanted to be fast. He watched all these TV shows with cars racing and his dream became bigger and bigger with every day that passed. His brother didn’t really agree with his aspirations declaring that he cannot go against the nature. A snail cannot be fast and that is the end of it. However, things change when Turbo, the main character, goes out one night to clear his mind and ends up in a race car’s engine. He is then transformed into a super fast phenomena. After an incident, the location changes to a dirty shopping plaza where two brothers try to make a living to of selling tacos. The younger one finds Turbo and his brother and after discovering Turbo’s supernatural abilities he plans on making money off of him. The cartoon ends with Turbo being in a race against the fastest race cars in Indianapolis.

This was a very entertaining production that i watched with a bunch of friends. It might be a cartoon but as long as it’s funny, nobody cares. A thing that i saw in this movie that i can also see in the world around is the attitude his brother had in regards to his dream. It always hurts the most when the ones closest to us don’t support us on pursuing our dreams. 

David Soren, the director is also an actor and wrier. He is well known for Shark Tale (2004), Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008), Merry Madagascar (2009), and Turbo (2013. 


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