Wolf Children Ame and Yuki (2012)



Director: Mamoru Hosoda

The story of this film follows Hana, a university student who ends up living in a “fairytale” when she falls in love with the mysterious man in her class, who turns out to be a wolfman; the last of his kind.  They soon start a family together, but when their second child is born, tragedy strikes and Hana is left with the harrowing task of raising Yuki and her younger brother, Ame, alone. While it seems most parents have to “make it up as they go” when it comes to raising children, Hana gets the added conundrum of how to deal with the fact that her children can change into wolves at will.  

As light hearted as this film sounds, it’s a pretty somber tale at the start and doesn’t really have a “goal” to the story, what with its abrupt ending. Although there are obvious supernatural elements in the film, it mostly focuses on the choices this young single mother makes in raising her two kids; the way the story is told, you almost forget the ridiculous fact that they’re wolf children. Visually the movie is gorgeous and the film score adds a lot of emotion and energy to the story; it’s all very reminiscent of films by Miyazaki. 


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