The Sapphires

There is something so infectious about this movie. I know it downplays the Viet Nam war a bit and the story might be kind of a stretch but the acting is so good and the music, as one of the characters puts it, “Ninety percent of recorded music is shite and the rest, is Soul”.  In a little town in Australia in 1968, four Aboriginal girls (sisters and cousins) decide with the help of a musician who is down on his luck (and stealing petrol) to audition for jobs entertaining the troops in Viet Nam.  There is love, feisty honest joyfulness and some punches are thrown as well. There is a nod to the horrible history of racism against the Aborigine and the ripping apart of families from the early 1900’s to 1971.  It is another downplayed tragedy but the characters come across as so genuine and tough you can’t imagine there is too much they can’t handle.  Besides it is a love story and a coming of age at the beginning of Soul,and Rock, and Roll, amen.


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