My name is Lauren Huntley.  My favorite types of movies to watch are horror, thriller, anything that will keep me on the edge of my seat or with my hands half way covering my eyes.  I hate when you see trailers for scary movies and you think, ” oh that looks so good, I want to go see it” and while you’re watching it, you realize that the trailer gave away all of the scary parts and ruined the movie.  I also love animated movies, like Paranorman, Monsters Inc./Monsters University, and The Lorax. Its so amazing to see how the animators make the characters come to life. Watching movies like Paranorman and Coraline are also fascinating to watch because they are stop motion, so to sit and think of all of the work and time they put into moving everything to make it look life like is crazy.  I am excited to see what we learn in this film class and watch different types of movies that I may not have watched on my own.


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