The Boondock Saints (1999)

Boondock Saints was directed by Troy Duffy. Viewer discretion advised. Graphic blood and Language.

This movie follows two Irish Brothers who live in Boston. The brothers are serving up their own form of vigilante justice, an eye for an eye. Near the beginning of the movie the brothers find them selves in a “self defense” fight with some Russian crime syndicates and crime scene is being investigated by and FBI agent who sees the fight as self defense and lets the brothers go. Soon after this the press/media here of the brothers release and they are dubbed the Saints for ridding the city of known criminals. Now they feel some sort of religious justification behind what they are doing and continue to eliminate evil people around Boston. Each incident of vigilante justice is investigated by the FBI agent and he becomes closer and closer to the brothers, so close that he soon has similar feelings about how to enforce justice.

I enjoyed the movie, but felt like I could have used a little more back story in the beginning of the film. As you start the movie your kind of thrown in the middle of these two brothers lives that are some how connected with the mob and your not sure why. If blood and foul language don’t bother you than this is a good movie to watch.


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