First Blog Entry

My favorite type of movie is one that kicks me hard right in the gut emotionally, but I have a few caveats.  I avoid movies about the Holocaust like the plague.  I’ve never seen Schindler’s List, I confess.  It is certainly not that I am not sympathetic, nor is it any notion that I have too week a constitution to handle such a horrid topic, but instead I think that I seek to avoid something so bleak and dark.  Even if its a story of hope or triumph, the setting is one that I’ve seen several times in movies, and those several times are enough.  I was a cop for many years.  I have lived and worked in war-torn Kosovo and Afghanistan.  I’ve visited the Dachau concentration camp in Munich, and quite frankly I don’t think any movie is going to give me any new insights into just how horrible human beings are capable of being to one another.  I guess I’ve had my fill.

That said, I still like to be rattled emotionally.  Currently, the movie that I put at the top of that list is a movie called Warrior starring Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte.  I’m not really even a mixed-martial arts fan, which is the backdrop theme of the movie, but if there ever was a movie that could drag tears out of me, its that one.  Its a story of alcoholism, pain, families ripped apart and ultimately healing.  At least I think its about healing.  The movie kind of leaves you to wonder at the end.


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