Introduction – Favorite Director

One of my favorite directors is director Guy Ritchie. As a screenwriter and director, two of my favorite films of his are RocknRolla and Snatch. His films include rich characters that are introduced in the beginning scenes with names usually summing them up. Set in gritty London, his films include not only an array of characters, but crime, gangsters, English slang, cheeky humor, and stylized shots.
Two of his more recent films in which he directed, but did not write are Sherlock Holmes and its sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Though this series was not written by Ritchie, and therefore does not have the complex array of characters that I’ve come to love, it is in no way less rich. Like his own movies, the Sherlock Holmes series is set in London with rich and sometimes gritty backgrounds, includes cheeky humor and of course bare knuckle boxing. It is clear that in growing years Richie is becoming more of an artist in the directing arena. Using slow motion filming and multiple cameras Richie has created a uniquely stylized technique all his own. The intention Richie had for his slow motion scenes is said to bring the audience in and out of the scene by showcasing what time might look like if one has an adrenaline rush. Also, in these scenes by slowing down the frames we are able to see all the details the action scene encompasses, such as bullets whizzing by, trees exploding, and fight scenes in which the slow motion shot allows you to see the reaction of the body to a punch. Including these techniques, Richie also has an ability to utilize an array of shots including medium shots, zooming in and detailed shots in a way that creates a rich and entrancing scene for the audience. I look forward to seeing Richie’s new film out this year The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


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