The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)



Director: Mark Dindal

Synopsis: This movie is about a conceded emperor who is turned into a llama by a long time worker, who he had recently fired.  To survive, the emperor must rely on a llama herder, who just found out that the emperor wants to demolish his families home to build a summer house as a birthday present to himself. The llama herder has to make the hard decision on whether to help the emperor get back to his castle and turned back into a human being, or to keep his as a llama, allowing him to also keep his home. Meanwhile, the worker that turned the emperor into a llama is on the hunt to find him and kill him. 

Review: This movie is hilarious. There are a lot of funny, and crazy things going on that keeps you entertained the entire time, from the emperor being turned into a llama, instead of dying, which was the original plan, to the evil workers assistant speaking squirrel.

   Throughout the entire movie, Emperor Kuzko is the narrator, so it is told through his point of view. This allows the audience to get into his head and find out what he is thinking while all of this crazy stuff is going on. The Emperor’s New Groove also shows people that sometimes you need the help of others to get through tough times and that it is okay to ask for help. This brings in the importance of friendship and being nice to others, so when you do need help, people will be there for you. In the beginning of the movie, Kuzko doesn’t have any friends because he is so into himself. Everyone that comes to the castle to ask him for help, he is extremely rude too. When he comes into a situation that money can’t get him out of, he has to find a new way to survive, which is trusting, and becoming friends with another person. 

This movie was directed by the same person who made Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. Both of these movies have the same element of entertainment and comedy, as well as providing a life lesson.


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