Her (2013)


Director: Spike Jonze

Synopsis: An semi anti-social man that is getting over a break-up sets up a new computer program and falls in love with it as it develops its own mind.

Review: I didn’t really LOVE this movie, but I did like the story. I thought it was very well-written and the shots were very vivid and well shot but I didn’t like the character development. The main character was shown as a man that didn’t know how to do anything but be with a woman. He seemed sort of desperate in my opinion. It seemed to me that he was very lonely even if he had a significant other. I believe that I would’ve like the movie more if the main character had been more independent and actually had wanted to do something with his life besides finding a partner. Another character that was badly introduced was his ex-wife. She was shown throughout the movie as a loving wife to him and that they were madly in love but when she actually came into the movie, she had no personality and she was very harsh. What I loved about the movie is the way that it was shot. I thought that the cinematography and the directing was very captivating. It was based in the not so distant future but they dressed like they were in the 80’s and I also loved that part because it was different from other movies I have seen. The director has done movies like Where the wild things are and Being John Malkovich. Those two movies in my opinion were very well written and directed. I really like this director and am looking forward to what other movies he has coming in for this year.


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