Insidious 2 (2013)


Director: James Wan synopsis: The Lambert family continues to be haunted and tormented by the unknown in this much anticipated sequel. The film can be confusing if the viewer did not watch the first film Insidious before hand. I recommend viewing them in sequence, because both films alternate from the present to the past, and it does so for multiple characters. Insidious 2 explains more about the Patriarch of the family, Josh Lambert played by Patrick Wilson, and how he came to be haunted when he was a little boy. Astral projection is a big theme in the first film, and Insidious 2 does repeat this as well as characters we have seen previously, like the Black Bride and the Long Haired fiend. They too have a back story, which this film beautifully delivers, along with all the jumps and scares that the previous film provided. We do get introduced to new characters like a sad little girl, a enraged mother, and a serial killer, all ghosts that repeat certain moments in time.  Insidious 2 does not have a lot of blood or scary demons with rotating heads, but it does have exceptional actors that execute a fantastic story, one that will keep you up at night and wanting more. I do believe we will get more since this film left off like the first, with a nice creepy cliffhanger.


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