The Purge (2013)


The Purge (2013)

Directed by: James DeMonaco

Synopsis: In the future, crime has reduced caused by the purge. The purge is the one night a year, that for 12 hours all crime is legal. All crime including murder. The wealthy can afford high end security systems. These security systems give families a false sense of invincibility which one unfortunate family most learn the hard way.

Review: This movie was terrifying. There were no ghosts haunting or monsters under the bed; instead there were very real, seemingly normal people in the villain role. I would not recommend watching this movie alone, unless you like becoming a paranoid insomniac. The Purge hit theaters in June of 2013 and I have wanted to watch this movie ever since. It didn’t look like it would be as terrifying as it was, but I suppose I was underestimating how much of a scaredy-cat I really am. The story was intriguing though full of holes, teaching us that you are never truly immune to misfortune. The premise for the day of crime was really interesting. I wonder if making all crime legal for one night would actually accomplish anything. Instead of focusing on the night as a whole, the story was focused on one family the Sandin’s.  They were literally under what seemed like a house arrest. It’s hard to believe that a family who is said to be very wealthy would not have so much as a panic room. Even with an armored house, they should had made a fail-safe or a plan b. The camera angles and sounds really keep your attention. There were multiple times when I threw the headphones I was wearing. Although, the movie did live up to its horror/terror categories it leaves you wanting. There wasn’t much development in the story and it seemed to be lacking in nearly every aspect. The only plus for the movie, in my humble opinion, was the male eye-candy.


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