The Kings Speech (2010)

The Kings Speech

Director: Tom Hooper

Synopsis: The King’s Speech is a retelling of the story of how King George the VI became King of England and overcame a severe speech impediment. This movie showed the relationships that King George VI had with his father, mother, wife, and brother. It also displayed the struggle behind declaring war with the Germans because they did not remove their forces from Poland. But, the main thing that this movie focused on was the peculiar relationship formed between the King and his unlikely speech and language therapist, Lionel Logue. Lionel used many unconventional approaches to allow Bertie (King George VI) overcome his stuttering. Saying words to a tune of a song, swearing repeatedly until word flow occurred, mechanical exercises, and tongue twisters are just some examples of how Lionel proved to King George VI that he had a voice that deserved to be heard.

Review: Historical drama movies are some of my favorite genre. They are not only enjoyable but informative as well. I thought that Tom Hooper did an excellent job directing this film. He connected the time and events so that they flowed and kept the viewers interest at the same time. One of my favorite scenes that Tom Hooper created was when he did a sequence of going back and forth from the King in Lionel’s office learning techniques to diminish stuttering to the King implementing the techniques in a speech given to a small assembly. The Beethoven’s 7th symphony played in the background as the King rocked on his feet to push out words that caused him to stumble. Building the strength of his diaphragm by having his wife sit on him and lifting her with his breath and shouting vowels out the window all were included in this scene as well! Another thing that I noticed was the way that Tom Hooper used his camera angles. He used a low angle when showing the crowd that the King was addressing in order to make them seem as daunting as scary as the King saw them. Overall, I would recommend this movie when you are looking for a substantial movie that will keep you entertained as well as feed your brain.


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