Brave (2012)

Pixar_Brave_500Title: Brave (2012)

Director: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, and Steve Purcell

Synopsis: No one wants their future road-mapped for themselves. This is what is happening to Scottish Princess Merida. Free-spirited and strong will, this bow wielding princess is no damsel in distress. Once told that she is to choose a suitor she takes it upon herself to change her fate, although things do not turn out just as she has planned. Merida must find a way to fix the bond and brake the “beastly” curse she has triggered.


There was SO much hype for this movie. I remember sitting in the theater and seeing the very first preview and saw that the movie didn’t even have a date for release just a season and a year. At the time I think it was nearly a year away and ever since I wanted to see it. I do believe that it lived up to the hype. This was not your traditional Disney movie, not in the princess looking for her true love sense.  I loved it. Disney has transitioned from princesses that really can’t do anything for themselves, but get into trouble, to true heroines. Merida is also not your traditional tiny, abnormal small waist princess. She enjoys “stuffing her gob”, as her mother would say. I did have to remind myself that this was a Disney movie while watching, in the sense that I know that there are and never have been bears in Scotland. I kept wondering how in the world the King had so many bears killed and stuffed in his Main Hall. Oh well, Disney. Magic is magic, right? I know not many would have noticed that little detail, especially not small children for which this movie was intended. Other than that, I enjoyed the sense of family. There was a change in not only the Princess’ heart but in the heart of her equally strong-willed mother, Elinor. The voice actress for Elinor, Emma Thompson, was really one of the main reasons I wanted to see this film. I absolutely adore her. All in all the movie had beautiful art work, gorgeous music, and enough silly antics to keep you from wanting to cry from  a lot of emotional, heart wrenching, moments.


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