Our Idiot brother

I watched the movie Our Idiot Brother. This movie was directed by Jesse Peretz. This movie was about a hippie guy who just likes to live life. He thinks everything is the best thing ever. He thinks there are no secrets and everything should be shared. Due to him not keeping anything to himself, it gets him in trouble. People realize that he is trying to do something good.

Review: This movie was poorly done. There was a good message. The problem was the message was not clear and the message could have been brought out more in a positive way. I usually enjoy comedies and laugh, but this movie does not do any of those items on the checklist. Paul Rudd is a good actor as a supporting role. I feel like everyone in that movie does a great job as a supporting role actor. They were trying to give everyone there big break. With a valiant attempt I would have to say it was a fail. I think they should stick what they do best. Everyone has that one thing that works for them. Supporting actors might just be the role for those actors especially Paul Rudd  The story was boring with no actual content. I would not recommend this movie due to its lack of content and how boring it is. Although there is a good message, there are better movies that give the same message. The only difference of the quality of those movies is better.


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