Bad Grandpa (2013)

ImageDirector: Jeff Tremaine

Synopsis: This movie is about an eighty six year old grandpa who is trying to take his grandson, Billy, from Nebraska to North Carolina by car, so he can drop him off to live with his real dad. Along the way, all these crazy things happen as they start to bond with each other.

Review: This movie had some really funny moments, and some moments that were supposed to be funny, but kind of failed. Jeff Tremaine is the same director that made all of the Jackass movies, and tv show, along with Rob and Big, and Wild Boyz, which are all the crazy MTV shows that have a group of people doing crazy and stupid things to make us laugh, so he’s really good at knowing what to do to make the audience laugh, and how to do it. This is exactly what Bad Grandpa was about. Some of the skits were so hilarious and out there, they kind of left you thinking,” how did they even come up with that idea?” I didn’t expect Bad Grandpa to have a story line, I thought it was just going to be Johnny Knoxville (as the grandpa) and the little kid going around trying to push the limits of everyday people. I think having the consistent story of the grandpa trying to get his grandson to his real dad both helped and hindered the movie. It was nice to have a story, and a lot of the skits they did played on their relationship and it was funny and believable. The only reason why I think having the story hurt the movie, was because sometimes the acting was really bad, so it kind of took you out of the story and made you realize it was just a movie. You know how when actors in a movie are really good and have awesome chemistry, you kind of forget you’re watching a movie because your so involved and entertained…. this movie didn’t do that. But overall, it was a really funny movie. If you enjoy Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass movies, you will definitely like this one. 


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