Redemption (2013)

Director: Steven Knight

Synopsis: Redemption is about a British Afghanistan war veteran named Joey (Jason Statham) who is haunted by his past and the choices he made during the war. Years after the war we find Joey living on the streets addicted to alcohol and drugs. While on the run from a couple of street thugs, Joey finds himself in another man’s apartment, who just so happens to be quite wealthy and out of town for a few months. Joey uses this opportunity to take on a new life and turn over a new leaf.  He works hard on getting sober and finding a job. He is a sort of a robin hood to the lesser off with his new found fortune and gives money and food to the needy . He quickly moves up the ranks and gets a gig as an enforcer with a Chinese gang. He also meets a nun named Cristina (Agata Buzek) who dishes out soup to the homeless. Cristina and Joey’s relationship starts out when Joey is searching for a friend, Isabel (Victoria Bewick), that has gone missing. Cristina informs Joey that a woman’s body has turned up in the local river and that she believes that it could be Isabel. Once Joey knows that Isabel was murdered he uses his ties with the Chinese gang to get information on who murdered her. In the mean time, Joey and Cristina’s relationship starts to bring them closer. Joey finds the person that murdered Isabel and quickly dispatches him in front of many witnesses; it is only a matter of time before police catch up to him. With the demons of his past only temporarily subdued  Joey says his goodbye to Cristina and takes back to the bottle, because he knows that when he is drinking he wont be able to hurt anyone else, except himself. 
Review: I feel this movie was a little scattered and didn’t include enough back story of the main character. I was left not understanding some of the choices made by Joey because of the lack of information provided about his past. Jason Statham and Agata Buzek both had believable performances of  the characters they were playing. The director Steven Knight who also wrote the screenplay did an okay job of telling the story. I don’t know if the film had to be cut down but there were definitely some holes in the plot. One scene that I thought was interesting was one in which Joey is having a flashback of the war but instead of showing the drones that were flying above they were shown as hummingbirds which were the nickname of the drones during the war. I thought that was a good addition to the film and gave a deeper look into Joey’s troubled mind. Overall I felt if the writer/director would have been able to give us a better understanding of Joey’s past and fixed some of the holes in the story it would have been a better film.


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