The Human Experience (2010)

ImageThe human experience was directed by  Charles Kinnane. This film is a documentary that follows two brothers who grew up in a abusive home. At the time of the film they are living in a half-way house in New York city. The brothers decide they want to experience more of life. From this point in the film it is broken down into three experiences. The first experience is being homeless on the streets of New York city for one week in the middle of the winter. They go into it with very few supplies (sleeping bag, back pack and a few warm-ish clothes) and no money. This really makes the brothers appreciate what they do have in life and inspires them to go on another journey. This next journey they catch a ride south to Peru with a group of surfers who surf for charity and to help raise money for the needy. They founded Surfing For A Cause.  While in Peru in addition to catching some radical waves they visit a children’s shelter where the “lost” children of Peru are cared for. These lost children have varying disabilities ranging from disfigured limbs which need rehabilitation due to poor conditions in early childhood to being born with only one good leg and no arms. BUT all of the children are happy and the brothers really make some amazing connections while in Peru. The Final experience in the film the brothers travel to Ghana, Africa where they visit a leper colony… yeah they do still exist. In addition to this they also meet and talk with people who have been directly connected with the AIDS/HIV epidemic that has ravished so many African people.

This film will open your eyes to things you couldn’t imagine having to live with  and make you appreciate the small things in life. Great documentary.


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