This Must Be the Place


This Must Be the Place Directed by Paolo Sorrentino 2011

Synopsis: Cheyenne, played by Sean Penn,  is an aging American gothic/new wave artist who lives in Dublin Ireland with his firefighter wife. He is both famous and feared, because of his white pasty make up and big black teased coif, by the locals. We come to know him as a reserved and soft spoken man with a kind disposition, but a sense of confusion and sadness seem to plague him as well. A phone call from New York brings him back home to his father’s funeral, who was a Jewish survivor of WWII. There Cheyenne meets Mordecai Midler, played by Judd Hirsch, who informs him about the torture his late father endured at the hands of a Nazi man, a man who still resides somewhere in the United States. Cheyenne, in all his bizarre glory decides he must find this man, and bring him to justice. What happens after is a beautiful adventure where Cheyenne’s search is not so much about his father’s pain and retribution, but of his own. This film can be a little arthouse for some, but also has all the elements of a cult classic. 2 thumbs and big hair, way up!


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