Mr. Brooks (2007)

ImageDirector: Bruce A. Evans

 Synopsis: The movie Mr. Brooks is about a wealthy business owner, who had also just won man of the year. He is a serial killer, not because he wants to, or enjoys killing, but because he is addicted to it. An amateur photographer catches Mr. Brooks killing a random couple in their home, and takes pictures of him committing the crime. Instead of asking for money in exchange to not tell the cops what he has found, the amateur photographer asks Mr. Brooks to take him on an adventure to kill someone. Along the way, there are a lot of twists and turns that no one sees coming.


Review: I really liked this movie. I found myself being entertained and trying to guess what was going to happen throughout the entire movie. It’s always fun when you can get so into a movie and are trying to guess what happens, and then you end up getting it completely wrong. Mr. Brooks is an extremely intelligent man who is calm and thinks everything through before killing to ensure he never gets caught. I like this, because normally when we see movies about killers, or when I think about a serial killer, I think of them being the exact opposite. Maybe someone who is killing for a motive, or killing off of an impulse, but Mr. Brooks seems to have everything all figured out. I also liked that he had this alter ego guy that was always with him. They would communicate like they were both there, alive, in the same room, but no one is able to see the alter ego, or hear their conversations, so it was all going on in his head. Normally when people are having conversations with imaginary people, they are considered crazy, but I never got a crazy vibe from him. Meanwhile, while he’s dealing with this killing addiction, he is still being a good dad and being their for his college age daughter, which eventually poses the question… can an addiction for killing be passed on through genetics? If you like movies that keep you guessing until the very end, you’ll love the movie Mr. Brooks.


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