Cropsey (2009)

ImageDirectors: Joshua Zeman, Barbara Branccacio

Synopsis: This is a documentary about an urban legend in Staten Island that everyone grew up hearing. The urban legend is about a serial killer, also described as a boogeyman who, some say he has a hook as a hand, and some say he always carries an ax. This monster was known to hangout around an old, abandon insane asylum that was near a large wooded area. The two people that made this documentary dive deeper into the urban legend, showing the world that the urban legend, wasn’t a legend at all, but the truth… (except he didn’t have a hook for a hand).

Review: I really liked this movie. It shows new footage and interviews from police, investigators, families, eye witnesses, and prosecutors that were all involved in seven different missing children cases in Staten Island. All of the children taken were mentally handicapped, and their bodies were never found. This documentary was really interesting because it started out talking about the urban legend of this boogeyman that takes kids and then it got into these seven missing kids that were never found, but could have been taken by the same person, turning the urban legend into real life. The directors give you all of this information about one man, Andre Rand, who was convicted of these kidnappings and murders, along with the testimonies, and opinions of the Staten Island community, and then kind of let you decide whether or not you agree with the guilty verdict he was given or not. Personally, I wasn’t convinced that Andre Rand was guilty because it was all based on hear say. There was never any physical evidence, or any evidence that he ever had anything to do with any of the seven children. I feel like they just found some random homeless guy, that lived in the woods and started pointing the finger at him. As the word spread that it was supposedly him, everyone just went along with it and started making up stories that all of a sudden, they saw these children with him right before they went missing. When something that horrible happens in a community, people need a person to blame it on, and I think it just happened to be him. On the other hand, there were some strange coincidences between Rand and the missing child cases. You be the judge.  


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