Don Jon (2013)

Don Jon Movie Poster

Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Synopsis: A young guy is addicted to porn and unable to hold a real relationship until he meets this one girl that changes his way of living.

Review: I’m not quite sure why I liked this movie. It wasn’t the story line and it wasn’t the directing but I think it was the acting and the comedy that made me like it. I walked into the theaters expecting a badly made movie on a low budget and thats almost what I got. The cast was really well put together. Scarlett Johanson did very well in acting like a rude girl from New Jersey. Joseph Gordon Levitt also did well in acting like a Guido. I also really liked this movie because it gave a message. It showed people that porn is a real problem and it can affect relationships. Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a good job in getting that message across. This movie was also very funny. It had a type of comedy that I really enjoy. This was a decent movie. I thought that it could’ve been better. The ending was unexpected. Throughout the movie, I thought that it was a comedy but at the end, it turned into a romantic drama type of movie. I liked how we were able to watch the shift of how the protagonist thought of love and everything else and how one person could do that. Overall, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a very good job in writing, directing, and acting in a movie and I look forward to any new projects of his coming out.


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