Frozen (2013)

images76J3XGZEFrozen (2013) by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

Synopsis: Frozen is the story of two princess sisters and their relationship. The eldest Elsa is born with a gift of creating ice and snow, which the youngest sister Anna does not share. After an incident during their childhood, Elsa isolates herself from her sister in an attempt to hide her gift and protect her sister. Once close, the sisters no longer see one anther until they become young adults and their parents die in a tragic ship accident. As the eldest, Elsa becomes queen and must introduce herself to the town she has isolated herself from. At the coronation it becomes known to all of Elsa’s power and she flees to protect herself from those who might harm her. She isolates herself in the snowy mountains, but feels freedom for the first time as she no longer has to hide her gift. Anna, always longing to spend time with her sister that she once was close to, decides to hike the mountains and find her sister. She begins a journey and along the road meets a range of characters that help her to find Elsa and bring her home.

Review: Frozen is a story about love and sacrifice. It has been a huge success in theaters and as such its time in theaters has extended. Unlike many of the newer Disney children’s movies, Frozen contains the staples we’ve grown to love including hopeful storylines with moral lessons. This is a movie that can be enjoyed by children and adults as it includes a lot of playful humor that only adults understand, but does not border on inappropriate like many of the Cars and Cars 2 movies have included. It’s a Disney movie to own and be remembered along with the classics such as Cinderella, Aladdin and Peter Pan.


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