The Hunt for Red October (1990)

the hunt for red october

Director: John McTiernan

Synopsis: The movie starts with an extreme close shot of Sean Connery’s eyes and as it zooms out you see that he is in a submarine that is surfaced. This movie is set in the time of the Cold War, around 1984. The Russians have successfully created the technology to make a silent submarine that would be undetectable for sonar. Sean Connery plays Ramius, the Russian captain  of this new submarine (The Red October). He tells his crew that they are going to the east coast of America as a test to see if they can get past, not only the Americans, but the Russians will be looking for them as well. The American counterpart, Jack Ryan, is played  by Alec Baldwin. Eventually, we find that Ramius is planning on defecting. The film follows the journey that the Red October, its crew, and everyone hunting for it goes through.

Review: This movie is based on the novel written by Tom Clancy. Tom Clancy is known for his ability to weave stories that are founded in historical truth. Although this movie is not a true story, Clancy still makes his stories as alternative events that could have happened. The cinematography of this film was very interesting. They did a wonderful job at creating the environment of the submarine. My dad was a submarine captain for the Navy for thirty years and I watched this movie with him. He knew the men that the actors met and shadowed for a week in order to find ways to depict their characters. I noticed that there were a lot of close ups and extreme close ups; which makes sense because most of the film takes place inside the tight quarters of the submarine. I also liked how the lighting was so accurate for the lighting of a submarine. I would highly recommend this movie (especially if you have the chance to watch it with my dad!)


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