The Secret World of Arietty (2010)


Title: The Secret World of Arietty (2010)

Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Synopsis: This story revolves around a fourteen year old girl named Arietty. She is not your normal teenager, but she is a Borrower. Borrower’s are tiny people with the same basic needs as humans. She has the thirst for adventure and her curiosity gets the better of her one summer’s day resulting in putting her whole family in danger.


The Secret World of Arietty is one of my favorite Studio Ghibli films. It is a Japanese animation cartoon. The artwork was beautiful in its simplicity. There was no over the top CG work. The scenes don’t speed by; in fact it seems like taking in a lazy summer stroll in comparison to the more popular animated films. There are times where the scene will linger long enough to take in a field full of poppies per se. I love how you can really appreciate all the details and the wonderful storyline. Hayao Miyazaki hasn’t put me down yet. When I heard about this film I was a little put off, since I remember the John Goodman version of The Borrowers and I wasn’t impressed. I was happily surprised to see the new take on the Borrowers story. Instead of some con man trying to steal a house the “villain” was just an old lady who wanted to prove the existence of the little people. To those who say children love the fast moving over the top films I would like to call them out. My daughter is five years old and thoroughly enjoyed watching this with me. Her attention span is usually no longer than the time it takes to pop some popcorn, but she paid attention and her eyes were glued to the screen the whole time.This film touched my heart and I would recommend it, even to those who don’t usually want to sit down and watch a cartoon film.


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