Blackfish (2013)

Directed by: GaImagebriela Cowperthwaite

Synopsis: This documentary reveals the history and much of what is going on in killer whale captivity, in particular a whale named Tilikum. They tell how Tilikum was captured in 1983, picked on by other whales in captivity, and frustration if he is not rewarded for the progress he is making. Eventually Tilikum lashes out in three episodes of aggression that end in the death of trainers. This documentary shows the risks and flat out inhuman captivity of these majestic creatures.

Review: The majority of the people interviewed in this documentary are past employee’s of SeaWorld that are speaking out after the tragic death of Dawn Brancheau in 2010. She was a top whale trainer and when SeaWorld tried to blame her for her death because she wore a long pony-tail and Tilikum pulled on that, they were sickened by their persistence to lie. Other people they interviewed were eyewitnesses, family of the trainers, a man involved in the capturing of the killer whales, and marine biologists. There really was no one talking for the defense of SeaWorld, but at the end it said that SeaWorld was asked repeatedly to be apart of the documentary and they refused every time. The director and producers were definitely trying to evoke a certain emotion from the participants in the documentary as well as the viewers. So, I would say over all this was a subjective film. Even though we did not see the producer sitting and asking the interviewers questions it was still a participatory mode documentary.


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