The Croods (2013)

Director: Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders

Synopsis: This is an animated film that features the Crood family, a group of cavemen and cavewomen that are set on survival in their very dangerous world. The main protagonist is Eep (voiced by Emma Stone ) an adventurist teenager that has become tired with her overbearing fathers way of life. Eep’s father is Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage); his only goal is to keep his family alive and by doing so has taken away any sort of fun or excitement in the families lives. The rest of the family contains wife/mother Ugga ( voiced by Catherine Keener) , son Thunk (voiced by Clark Duke), baby girl Sandy (voiced by Randy Thom), and Ugga’s mom Gran (voiced by Cloris Leachman) who buts heads with her son-in-law Grug as much as possible. One night Eep sees a light outside the families cave and against her fathers orders, goes out alone at night to follow this mysterious light. Once she catches the light she also finds a new friend named Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who shows Eep fire for the first time in her life and gives Eep a horn to call him with if she needs him. Through a series of events the family is left cave-less and must now be out in the elements in a strange new land that is full of dangers and uncertainties. When the family gets stuck in a tricky situation Eep must summon Guy to help get the family out. Guy tells the family that the end of the world is coming and they must reach high ground for safety. Naturally, Grug is suspicious of this new boy and his odd ways, but also because he has the attention of Eep. After traveling to the high ground for many days Grug and Guy must team up to get themselves out of trouble and soon put there differences aside. In the end the family must make some difficult decisions to survive and make it to safety, some choices are out of their hands and Grug will have to once again put his family’s survival first, at all costs.

Review: This was a fun film to watch with my toddler aged daughter. I think the character development of Grug and Eep was well done and showed the age old problem that most fathers face of having to let their daughters grow up and become their own person, no matter how hard it is to do, it is inevitable. The story was well paced and had lots of twists and turns that made the adventure exciting. I think the adult innuendo that is prevalent in a lot of “children’s animated movies” was not as apparent in this film, which made it not as entertaining for adults, but it was a huge hit for my two year old daughter. I think this film would make an excellent choice for family movie night or if you just want an easy viewing with a classic plot and of course the obligatory happily ever after ending.


One response to “The Croods (2013)

  1. I loved this movie! It took me a while to place the voice I was hearing…Nicholas Cage! Go figure! I’d never thought of him doing animated features before, but it worked.

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