Blue Jasmine (2013)

Director: Woody Allen

Synopsis: A rich socialite is forced to move in with her sister when her husband is jailed and she loses all her money.

Review: I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was one of Woody Allen’s better movies. I liked it mainly because it showed the lives of people in a different social class. Jasmine is the main character that was rich and the movie truly shows how much money shaped every different aspect of her life. Her sister, Ginger, was in lower social class than Jasmine and the film had a good way of showing how she felt about her sister and how she felt about her own life. My favorite thing about this movie, other than the main plot, is the acting. Every one in the film did an amazing job at perfectly portraying their characters feelings. This, I believe, is one of Woody Allen’s specialties when it comes to movie making that he puts together the perfect cast and directs them perfectly to really show the message that he wants to give the audience. I am really looking forward to more of his work because he is one of my favorite directors. Although he is 77 years old, I know that he will be making more spectacular movies.


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