Old Boy (2013)


Old Boy (2013)

Directed by Spike Lee

Summary: An alcoholic, egotistical advertising executive on a slow decline passes out on a sidewalk one evening after a night on the town. He wakes in a rundown hotel room which causes him no worry as waking with no recollection of the night before is a common occurrence. He begins to become suspicious of his surroundings when he uses the restroom to find neatly laid out toiletries and a running shower. He prepares to leave the room to find it locked. Alarmed he looks for a way out, peeling at the door that he finds is metal wallpapered with a wood finish. Soon a space in the door is opened and food is pushed in, which includes dumplings and a bottle of Vodka. Locked in a solitary room with a television, Joe watches as a news story shows the rape and murder of his ex-wife that with his absence, he is framed of. His young daughter Mia is left unharmed and becomes adopted.

Over a period of 20 years, Joe is kept in confinement. Unaware of why he is being kept there he begins to try and become a better person in hopes of seeing his daughter Mia one day. Eventually, after an attempt to free himself, Joe is drugged and released from his confinement. Determined to see his daughter and find his capturer Joe finds himself on a suspenseful, dark and twisted journey to answers.

Review: This movie begins with Joe locked in a hotel room, wondering what has brought him here and who has locked him up. He is tormented by his questions, and as an audience member you begin to feel tormented as well watching Joe eat the same daily meals of dumplings hoping soon he’ll escape.  

As an audience member, I urge you to wait. Once Joe is released, not only does the storyline rapidly pick up the pace, but the ending will smack you in the face.

When he finally is released, he finds his new freedom is no freedom at all, but a challenge and a taunt. Just as we believe we know where the story is going, it quickly shifts and Joe’s confinement is more elaborate than anything one could dream up.


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