Wall-E (2008)

Directed by Andrew Stanton

WALL-E is a garbage collecting, compacting robot that is left on Earth to clean up after the humans have been Space bound for over 100 years.  Though simply a robot, WALL-E has a fascination, appreciation, and intrigue over show tunes, trinkets, and Earthly materials.  Then, humans from space, sent EVE to Earth to find proof of existing, sustainable life.  EVE is focused on finding sustainable life and WALL-E falls in love with EVE.  Then, WALL-E gives EVE a plant to show his affection.  EVE scans the plant and is deactivated.  WALL-E uncertain what is happening, tries to fix EVE.  Once, EVE is picked back up, WALL-E follows, and a series of events unravel as WALL-E tries to fix EVE.

I absolutely love this movie.  In fact, it made me tear up because of how sentimental this film is.  A true love story.  This film is entertaining, has the right balance of romance, friendship, and comedy.  It is also ironic in how thought provoking it is when we see how “lazy” humans are and rely so much on technology. This is a children’s film that appeals to adults as well.  The story is probably better understood as an adult than as a child.  But, never the less, this is a great family film!


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