American Addict (2012)

Directed by Sasha Knezve

This documentary is done in a participatory mode/style involving a lot of interviews from different sources. The subject of the film is how the American population is in the pocket book of pharmaceutical companies. The film brings up a startling statistic in the beginning, the U.S. makes up 5% of the world population, yet consumes 50% of the total pharmaceutical drugs and 80% of the total prescription narcotics. One topic that is discussed is that the pharmaceutical companies are making up symptoms in order to market a drug that has a certain effect. For example restless leg syndrome, there was no such thing until a pharmaceutical company came out with a drug that slowed leg activity. Then the company puts advertisements on television and next thing you know they have XXX,XXX number of “patients” that need this drug. Another topic that is brought up is how easy it can be to come by narcotics through a clinic or general physician. One reason for this is that some doctors are being paid X amount per prescription they write for these narcotics by the pharm companies. This film is an eye opening film about how our country is controlled so much by big companies and politics that go along with these companies.


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