The Adventures of Tintin (2011)


Director: Steven Spielberg

Synopsis: The story starts in Belgium with a journalist, Tintin, and his dog, Snowy, looking around at a flee market. Tintin is intrigued by a miniature model ship and decides to buy it. Immediately after purchasing the ship he is approached by two men who wanted to buy the model at any price Tintin would name. Tintin did not sell the ship, but instead took it home to examine it. After his dog and cat get into a chase fight they accidentally knock the ship off of the shelf. A secret message falls out of the mast of the ship. Tintin and his dog Snowy go on an adventure tracking down the man who is trying to steal the secret message and find that it is a clue to a sunken treasure. Tintin is interested in finding a good story, and along the way he works with ‘the good guys’ to try and discover where the treasure is hidden.

Review: What I enjoyed about this movie was seeing the collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Spielberg was a fan of the Adventures of Tintin comic books. The writer of the comics (Herge) was a fan of Spielberg’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He thought that Spielberg would be the only person to do the story of Tintin right. Herge died before he could give Spielberg the writes, but his wife thought it was something Herge would have wanted. Jackson was the one who inspired Spielberg to make the film animated. He did not think that live action would do the story justice, and Speilburg agreed. I loved how real the characters looked in this movie. You could definitely pick up on the Indiana Jones like qualities in the movie. It felt like an adventure that Jones could find himself on, only more kid friendly. My favorite part of the movie was the two police officers, Thompson and Thomson. Comic relief usually tend to become my favorite part of a movie though. It’s a fun watch for the family, so, pop some popcorn!


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