American Hustle (2013) David O. Russell

American Hustle (2013) Poster

This movie is about a con man named Irving who works with a beautiful woman named Sydney to make a ton of money. They use aliases to convince rich important people they have banking connections in London and can turn their $5000 into various amounts of money usually $50,000 return. They upgrade the office, live rich and love hard. Come to find out Irving had a wife and son at home, a wife who refused to get a divorce. The end up conning a man named Ritchie who is a FBI agent. They then have to cooperate with the FBI and set up four other con artists like Irving in order to not be charged for their crimes. They hire a pretend sheik and work together to trap congressman, mayors, and very important people. What happens in the end is truly an American Hustle. I missed a few things when I saw it in the theater and can’t wait tiI can watch it at home.


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