Hello World!

And the ranting’s and raving’s begin as I Mark Bernard am introduced to the world of the Internet blog… Oh dear.

For starters, as mentioned, my name is Mark Bernard, what was mysteriously left out (perhaps for fluffing purposes, hmmm….) is that I in fact, love movies. Movies of all sorts to be true, art films, genera flicks, action romps, comedic enterprises, tragic endeavors, migratory documentary’s (never could get into the stationary ones); I love them all, well the good ones that is.

I quite look forward to contributing to this epic blog of scholastic proportions, god knows I’ve seen enough material to contribute at least something or another now and then.

Over the last few years I have been somewhat bedridden as I have been fighting some issues with my back; the end result has been that I have seen THOUSANDS of movies in the last few years. It has sparked a tendency of analyses as I have grown accustomed to dissecting them with my friends and peers. I look forward to doing so with all yall, here on this interweby-thingy.

Of my favorite movies, probably the top of that list is a 2006 film titled Children of Men. It is a dystopic thriller, in which humanity has lost the ability to pro-create, which has led to a decline of civilization.

Other films that might grace my top ten list (or whatever number I feel like it should be), and in no particular order are as follows:


Taxi Driver

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Seven Samurai

Dark City – (especially the director’s cut)

Thank You for Smoking





The Passion of The Christ


Dances With Wolves ->

(please don’t talk to me about Goodfellas, no I don’t think it should have gotten best picture, yes I do think I should have gotten best director, and NO it isn’t Martin Scorsese’s best work, or even close to as good as The Godfather)

Rob Roy

I also am an avid music fan, again as with movies, I have no real genera preferences, all I really require is that it isn’t absently artificial or soulless. We have a fantastic live scene here in Seattle, and I like to make as much use of it as I can (money permitting) .

Some of the best Live shows I have seen as of recently are:


Hobosexual – A grungy, garagey, hybrid of blues and punk, this duo has led to some fantastic moshing and all in all just a killer rock buzz. They know how to keep the crowd’s energy up and ride it like a fornicating homeless pigeon.

Reign Wolf – AKA Jordan Cook, Reign Wolf was the solo label of quite possibly the greatest guitarist in the western hemisphere (baring some psycho-wizard in Brazil somewhere that hasn’t made a recording yet). Now Reign Wolf is the label of a loosely organized band, including his brother on bass guitar. These guys are utterly amazing; by the end of the show they had disassembled the drum kit and were playing it at all ends of the stage in parts. The only tragedy is I saw them at The Neptune, which is like D-bag central for Seattle, and what should have been a very mosh-able show was turned into a stare-fest.

Atomic Bride – I have seen these guys about 3 times now, by far the best of which was at Chop Suey, a fantastic little punk venue. Lota energy in these guys, and some killer blasts on the speakers. Fantastic mosh music if you’re lookin to move around.


So that’s pretty much me, this and the stuff in the intro post on the Canvas site. I look forward to writing and reading these reviews, let’s all hope we can point each other in the direction of some great movies (or feverishly avoid the direction of some bad ones).


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