Adam Sandler Click (2006)



The movie that I have watched is the family friendly movie Click by Adam Sandler. Quick synopsis, an overworked Adam Sandler is looking for a break in his life. Between non stop work, kids and a wife there is just not enough time in the day. Then one day he decides to buy an universal remote for his tv and stumbles on a “universal” remote that allows his to speed up and slow down his life. This makes his life easier for a bit but then it stirs his life and makes him regret buying this cursed device.This movie carries a strong moral message and the meaning and importance of family. The movie click got three and half stars for ratings. Creator of the movie is Frank Coraci, Staring Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale , Christopher Walken. Director Frank Coraci. Reviews of this movie are almost reaching four stars witch is quite good rating.

The movie elements used such as the lighting and special effects make this movie interesting and funny. Every time Adam uses the remote and stops his life, the characters freeze and the light is on Adam and he uses comedy to make these situations even funnier. In one scene he froze the time he was speaking to his boss who was a mean man. After pausing his boss than he proceeded to slap him in his face while he was put on the pause button. These type of special effects make the movie funny and keep us questioning what will Adam do next. I think this is a great family movie because this movie’s message is that family is always and forever the most important thing  and nothing else should come first but family.


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