The Hunter (2011)


The Hunter, Directed by Daniel Netthiem. Starring Willem Dafoe (Spider man) and Sam Niel (Jurassic Park) and Frances O’Connor(Bedazzled).

Martin, a mercenary played by Willem Dafoe, is sent from Europe by a mysterious biotech company to the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for the last Tasmanian tiger. Disguised as a scientist researching the tigers, Martin finds himself staying at the house of a local man’s widow (Frances O’Connor) and her two children. Throughout the movie, he finds himself becoming attached to the lives of the broken family and soon finds a quite disturbing connection between his mysterious current employer and the late husband of the widowed mother. Martin’s contact in the community (Sam Neill) is suspicious of Martin and wary of his growing relationship with the group, and sets things in motion that will have a devastating impact on all involved.

This is a beautiful, exciting film that is part Drama and part thriller. With fantastic acting from all the actors contributing. Dafoe’s character doesn’t say too much, but he is the caliber of actor where his subtle facial expressions and his intensity are enough to give his character some depth. This is proved by many long shots of Dafoe’s character where hes exploring his surroundings in the Tasmanian forest and are often dialogue-free, letting the surroundings and his actions speak for themselves in a visual language. The young performers are even good. Child actors are the weak-point in some moives but the little girl Sass, played by Morgana Davies stole the show for me. Her quirky humor and conveyed intellect were spot on for me. Sam Neill is a welcome presence in any film that I see. Everything I’ve personally seen him in he’s been fantastic. I wasnt expecting that much from this movie to be honest but this character driven Austrailian movie really suprised me.

I’m giving it a 7/10


2 responses to “The Hunter (2011)

  1. I absolutely loved this movie when I saw it a few years ago, it’s great to see that it hasn’t fallen into obscurity. That shot at the end when he finally finds the creature is absolutely tear jerking.

  2. Hey man, in the name of fantastic flicks from the south pacific, and interestingly enough concerning Sam Neill… I just saw a Kiwi movie that was hands down one of the best movies I have ever seen… In fact I think I would say its the best ‘made’ film I have ever seen.

    From 1993, took a few Oscars – ‘The Piano’… just finished my review.

    While the core of the two movies are completely different, there were a lot of common threads in the brutal grey misery of the cinematography… any how, good shit commin out of the down under, over, whichever area.

    Don’t think were ever gonna see a movie like ‘The Piano’ ever again, you know ever… bar is too high, the math that it came together at all in the manor that did violates all rules of probability… so you know, don’t cross your fingers, but I’ve been seen a nice steady stream commin out of both AUsie and Kiwi.

    Another thing you might check out is the show Top of the Lake, It has Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men (apparently to the film community down there’s great distain over having an American in the prize role) But its pretty good; probably Campions best work since ‘The Piano’.

    Anyhow here is the link to my post, I look forward to checking out some more of your reviews man. So nice to see that people still watch real movies on occasion, you know, on purpose.

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