The Internship (2013)


Title- The Internship (2013)

Director- The director of this film is Shawn Levy. He directed other popular films as well such as Night at the Museum and Date Night. Levy is also a well-known actor.

Synopsis- The Internship is about two middle-aged sales men, Billy and Nick (played by Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson) who have just discovered they’ve lost their jobs. After weeks of searching for failed careers, the guys decide to interview for an internship at Google. An interesting interview landed them an opportunity to prove that they still have what it takes. Upon arrival on the Google campus, Billy and Nick find themselves among very smart, very young, college students. Of course, there are only so many slots for the internship position, which influences a “battle” in search of the right team. The boys are paired up with a group of individuals who have been outcast their whole lives. The group wasn’t too fond of these older men as a part of their team, but s the movie progresses, you start to see the development of relationship between Billy and Nick and their teammates. Eventually they all work together and it results in a victory.

Review-This film, compared to other Shawn Levy films, actually had a meaningful message that I believe was way too hard to even try to ignore. Team work is very essential, not only in a school setting but also in the real live work world. But this film, along with most of Levy films, was definitely funny and enjoyable. I think the director made a good call by having the kids in the group be kind of standoff-ish and a little weird because Billy and Nick were outgoing and friendly and got to bring the kids out of their comfort zones so that they could find new comfort zones. I think that all of the characters grew together which really enhanced the quality of the film. They all had flaws they needed to work on and strengths that needed to be flaunted, and it took one night of bonding to pull it out of them. Although I really enjoyed this movie, Vince Vaughn is also an actor/director and I believe this film could have been better if he were the one directing. I feel this way because in my opinion, he is funnier and a better actor than Shawn Levy. All in all, this movie proved a great message and couldn’t be mistaken for anything but a lesson.


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