Norbit (2007)



Director:Brian Robbins


Writers:Eddie Murphy (screenplay), Charles Q. Murphy (screenplay)

Synopsis: Norbit is a young orphan who married someone else other than the love of his life. Her name is Rasputia. She is obese and just vein. Poor Norbit can’t make her happy but that is just in  time when the real love of his life moves back to the town they grew up in.

Review: This romantic comedy is a story about Norbit played by Eddy Murphy. In this movie Eddy plays three roles, Norbit, Rasputia and Mr Wong the orphanage owner. His acting skills are just impeccable. In this movie Norbit is an orphaned child who meets the love of his life Kate. But Kate gets adopted and this is when he meets Rasputia his wife. Rasputia is mean, fat and ugly. She abuses Norbit and brings him to his braking point. At that time Kate moves back to the town when Norbit realizes that he really still loves Kate.This movie is funny, but also is a true romantic comedy. Norbits character might be silly and goofy but the director wanted to portray him as strong and a warrior. Some of the fun facts of this movie are that Eddy Murhy played Rasputia and dressed as a woman every time for his role. He had to put on fake nails, hair and a fat suit. The fat actually looks real and the outfits were fashion forward for his character. The director wanted to portray this charter as a regular but mean woman. At the end persistence pays off. Norbit married Kate left Rasputia and bought the Orphanage. If you want to watch a silly movie that will make you smile watch this move.


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