My Introduction, to Hum 110 class, Introduction to film movie blog.

Hello Everyone,

I am a mother of three and a returning student after just a few years(lol).   I decided to finally get my Nursing degree and should graduate from the a Pre-Nursing associates degree this summer, then it will be off to nursing school.

I have to admit that even at my age I am a diehard Disney fan and love anything to do with Disney.

If I had to pick a favorite movie it would have to be,”Sleeping Beauty” but, “Beauty and the Beast”, is a very close second.   I also really like “Walle-E”, and “Finding Nemo”.

Besides Disney, I am a sucker for a romantic comedy, Dramas, especially those based on a true story.  I am a product of the 80’s so, I love Science Fiction, and especially “Star Wars”.  I can still remember when that movie came out.  I stood in line at the Razorback twin theater in Arkansas for 6 hours.  I think I saw it 13 times.  I can still remember leaving the theater and just being mesmerized by what I had just experienced.  Nothing even close to that level of direction, special effects, and story had been released up to that point, and it was way beyond what was currently out in movies up to that point.  To this day I would have to say as far as memorable experiences . seeing the first Star Wars when it was first released has to be one of my most memorable moments in my life.  Today’s youth has grown up with all this technology, and they are so accustom to it, where as my generation had never seen anything even close.  Maybe “Avatar” might be close but, it can never stand up to the impact that “Star Wars had on my generation.  It was just so different and out of this world (literally).

My favorite things to do would have to be to go to a drive inn with my children.  We have had a blast in the past 5 years loading up the van with every blanket and pillow and going to the Drive in to watch a double feature for $8.00.  The best part is that kids get in free so, we get to watch two movies for three of us for $8 bucks.  Its awesome.  I usually stop and get a pizza and we bring all of our drinks in a small cooler and snacks.  If you haven’t been to a drive inn lately or ever for you younger folks, I recommend doing this soon as the drive inns are beginning to disappear.

So, thats basically me in a nut shell.  I look forward to meeting you all and reading everyone’s posts.  Take Care


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