Fruitvale Station


Fruitvale Station

Director:  Ryan Coogler

Writer:  Ryan Coogler

Released: 2013

Rated:  R

Synopsis:  Fruitvale Station is a true story about the tragic death of young man on New Year’s Eve, 2008.  Oscar and his friends had taken the Bart to San Francisco for a fun evening celebration.  On their return trip home, Oscar saw a prior inmate from his time in prison.  Oscar tried to plead with the man not and his friends who tried to get away from the police because of prior criminal problems.  The police that were called to the Bart Station told Oscar and his friends to stop, when Oscar did he put his hand in his pocket and the policeman assumed he had a weapon and shot him.  He died the next day, Jan. 1, 2009. The death of Oscar Grant, played by Michael B. Jordan, outraged the nation.  Every year a vigil is held in Oscar’s honor in Fruitvale in honor of Oscar. 

Review:  Fruitvale Station kept my interest throughout the movie.  It was emotional and I found myself cheering for Oscar to get his life together.  The story is well written, by Ryan Coogler who depicts Oscar as a guy trying to get his life together.  Mr. Coogler adds a few fictional details to spice up the movie.  The movie is rated R for violence and language.  Have a tissue, you will need it.


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