Sweet November (2001)

kiss-couple-romance-touch-feeling-happy-hug-embrace-love-beautiful-movie-sweet-november-camila-lima-anas-ahmedDirector: Pat O’Connor

Writers: Herman Raucher

Synopsis: It’s about love story between 2 strangers people meet in the driving test. Life is so miracle and the world is so mall that let them get in together with their limited of love. Their life should be better if she don’t have any sickness. November is her last month and her journey is ended in November with a lot of sweeties that she has enver had before. Every month she chooses a different lover and gets over it easily but why this month is not enough for her strong love. They need time to be in love; to share their love and to feel their love more.

Review: This is my favorite romance movie ever. Once, movie can make my tears come out; it should be the best. Love seems easy for everyone; especially a new couple. They can find in others and fall in love and sometimes they don’t love each other they can break up easily. However how do we know it’s a real love? It should be inside our feelings. “A month long is enough to be meaningful and short enough to escape from trouble” – that is the plan for her adventure, Sara. She chooses Nelson in November. Also, that was her final journey in research of happiness and her fate. Finding true love like finding happiness that is missed from Nelson’s life. He thought he has everything but now he realized everything he missed that Sara can help him to find them. Happiness is the breath of life out there, the sun and the air. A little plan begins in November when everything seems perfectly and not an end until… A month is not enough for them; a true love will never end in their hearts. A sweet November ends behind and this is a time for them; they should live and choose their own way before. The last scene in Golden Gate Bridge is not like any movies I saw before; it’s not too much tears and high depression. It’s a simple thing in this world: “come and go”. The last song shows up and make my tears come out in deeply regret for them. “It’s not goodbye”

Song ” It’s not goodbye by Laura Pausini”..One and only incredible song all the time:


One response to “Sweet November (2001)

  1. I really like a good love story, one that I need a box of tissue to watch it. I have never heard of this movie. I really enjoy these reviews because it gives me a chance to see movies I would ordinarily not rent.

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