Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Directed by Craig Gillespie starring Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, and Paul Schneider


Lars has trouble talking to and interacting with everyone, especially women. He does not seem very interested in them at all, and goes to lengths to avoid talking with them including his own sister. Lars lives in the garage off the house that his sister and her husband live in. He finally gets fed up with people trying to set him up and women hitting on him, so he gets a life size doll from the internet. His sister and her husband, the church, and the whole town have a hard time at first accepting that he sees her as an actual person. Lars talks to her and treats her like a living human woman. Unfortunately Bianca, Lars’s doll, gets sick and may not recover. But this leaves an opportunity for him to get to know the wonderful people in his town much better.


Originally I did not want to see this movie. It seemed a lot like the movie Her (2013) and did not want to take the time to watch it. The movie has a general depressing vibe going throughout the whole movie that is a put off. The acting was very good from my point of view, and everyone in the movie has many emotions and micro-expressions that really make it more enjoyable to watch. Lars himself, though he does not have too many expressions, always has tiny smiles or frowns going across his face. I  noticed also that this film only has a few major places that they do most of their scenes in. I am amazed that they can fit that much content into those few places and still have interesting scenes. It seems less about the backdrop and more about the personal interactions between people, and I thought that made the movie more interesting.  I think people enjoy this movie mostly because it stars Ryan Gosling and also touches on the taboo subject of a man falling in love with a sex doll and believing that she is a real human being. Lars and the Real Girl is worth watching if you find yourself bored with nothing else to do.


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